Sameer had always been Mahi's rush since the day he walked into the fashion designing institute. But she never had the courage to ask him out!

Will times change? Will Mahi be able to make her "First Move"?

I was unable to comprehend, how will we reach home. The train had stopped somewhere between Ghaziabad & Hapur. My three-year-old boy and thirteen-year-old daughter were stuck with me on the train.

Will I ever reach home?

Yes someone else has occupied it !! And that someone else is ME ! How I entered “that” ecstasy of gloom is not even known to me. Where have I lost my unrelenting hopes, my desires, my dreams, my life, my future is not even known to me.

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On the morning of July 22, an old couple complained about the horrible taste of water at the hotel they'd checked into for a few days. When the hotel staff went to check out the hotel's water tank regarding this issue, he collapsed on seeing a decomposed body. The Body was of MAYA.

What could have happened to Maya?

After, the untimely death of his brother, Kabir raised his brothers son, Amir as his own. Kabir, taught everything that Amir needed to learn in life. But Kabir was taken aback, when he learnt that Amir did not want to work with him, but wanted his own share. Devastated he left the company.

Will Amir understand his mistake? Will Kabir and Amir ever reunite?

... It seemed like the last straw and then my eyes spotted something else – ‘sole curry’. Quickly I scanned the rest of the menu. There was only fish, fish and some more fish. I ordered 2 bowls of sole curry and a platter of fried fish. It felt silly and wonderful at the same time. Suddenly Goa did not seem bad at all. For the first time since I arrived, I felt that I could perhaps learn to think of this place as my home...

Everyday is not as same as yesterday” This is the only thought Akansha was thinking sitting outside police station waiting for her mother in laws to come and take her away.

Her life changed AGAIN in few seconds with that one phone call last night,she managed to gather herself and ran straight to police station but now she was feeling low and broken from inside, she called her mother in law once again to take her away from police station.

What could have happened?